Created in 2001 by Fabrice GUY for the transaction department the agency has made its place in the sector during all the past years.
We have perfect knowledge:
• the land market (isolated plot, or plot to be developed into a subdivision).
• apartments (old, recent, vefa).
• villas, village houses, farms or properties.
• investment property (sale in grouped lots, co-ownership and cut-to-size sales).
• office, shops or professional premises.
we have established many contacts with craftsmen, builders, bankers, brokers, surveyors, lawyers, notaries, diagnostic experts. We also carry out estimates outside the framework of sale (succession, separation, donation, etc.).

Management & Rental
In 2004 we created a rental department. we manage around 470 lots in property management and we have around 50 lots in simple rental. we also carry out unique acts such as drafting of leases, inventory entries and exits.

Short term rental
In 2021 we opened our short-term or tourist rental department. The beginnings, despite an uncertain health situation, are promising and we are targeting a stock of around 50 housing units to be managed within 3 years.

In conclusion
We put all our experience in the real estate agent profession and in the sector (Haut Bugey, Valserine, Ain plain, Gex country) to help you achieve your real estate project.

We welcome our customers in French, Italian or English. on request we can provide you with an interpreter for the Russian language.

We invest heavily in digital advertising so that no potential buyer misses our offers. We make the effort of a massive presence on many portals.

waiting to meet you...